Dungeons where adventurers can battle monsters to earn crystals and draw cards from the dungeons pack earning them monsters and equipment. Many tower dungeons are opened up as the adventurer advances in level. Others become available when the adventurer's alliance conquers a tower. Crystals are awarded depending on how far you progress through a dungeon. Experience and Crystal bonuses are awarded for tower dungeons. The more dungeons that your alliance possesses, the higher the bonuses (100 towers = +500% crystals and +200% EXP Maximum). Below is a list of tower dungeons.

Dungeon Name Hero Level Tower Level Crystals Awarded (Base/Max) Description
Nameless Tower 1 N/A 25 An ancient tower whose name has been lost to the shadows of history.
Tower of Heretics 3 N/A 30 A mysterious tower said to be swarming with heretics wielding strange powers.
Maze of Trials 8 N/A 35 A legendary maze where heirs to the throne undergo secret trials.
Maze of Purgatory 13 N/A 40 A trecherous maze sitting before the mouth of hell itself.
Forest of Deception 18 N/A 45 Woods where evil spirits play tricks on intruders for their own amusement.
Castle of Champions 23 N/A 50 This castle was once home to a champion who ruled the land.
Tower of Hermits N/A 1 50 (300) Home to the hermits who secretly shaped history from behind a curtain of shadow.
Tower of Phantoms N/A 2 55 (330) It is said those who died on the path to the throne gather here to lament their fate.
Maze of Ruination N/A 3 60 (360) Warriors gather here to endlessly display their might and fighting prowess.
Maze of Hell N/A 4 65 (390) An ancient maze said to lead to the underworld.
Forest of Void N/A 5 70 (420) An endless forest, steeped in darkness for countless millennia.
Castle of Lore N/A 6 75 (450) The legendary castle of Magna Mare, ruled by El Dor in the ages past.
Tower of Destiny N/A Debris Tower ? A battlefield of reconing only the mighty may enter.
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