• Complete all of the Quests that you can. Completing a quest will yield a reward of either resources, DP, CP, or rein points.


  • Fighting in tower dungeons: Clearing dungeons gives your hero experience points and allows you to draw cards from the associated dungeons' draw pack. This in turn gives you new monster and equipment cards, which are essential to your advancement through the game. When fighting, it is important to make sure you have equipped items that are most useful for that particular dungeon (you can do this in the Status screen). For example, in the Forest of Deception, there are many monsters from the Spirit race. It would be wise to equip a weapon with a strong spirit killer bonus in this case. It is also wise to have at lease one wizard and one swordsman/warrior. Having the combination of attack and magic attack is very useful, and having a wizard on your side has the added bonus of the useful heal spell.

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