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Kingdom Conquest is a mobile MMO developed by Sega for the iPhone OS. It is free to download and play, although there are premium options available to enhance game play.

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This site is organized similar to the help system in Kingdom Conquest. You can use the search to move around the site or browse the FAQ. Have fun!


"In Kingdom Conquest, you play an adventurer who wants to become the King of Magna, Land of the Monsters. To do this, you must work with and against other players as you gradually improve and expand your territory." ~ SEGA Help

The bottom line is that you want to either join someone's Alliance or conquer their territory.


"The object of the game is to conquer the 9 Debris Towers that exist in the world of Magna. If you finish the game with control of all of the Debris Towers, you will become Lord of the Monsters." ~ SEGA Help


"The player who becomes Lord of the Monsters will be given a victory reward, as will the members of his or her Alliance. In addition, any Alliance that occupies 5 or more towers at the end of the game will be given an occupation reward. The number of towers the Alliance occupies will be the number of occupation rewards given, and will be distributed to the Alliance members according to rank." ~ SEGA Help

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