Your character can gain more ring slots as they advance in levels:

Hero Level Ring Slots
1 1
10 2
20 3
30 4

Common rings typically improve only the primary attribute for that particular ring. Uncommon, rare, and Super rare rings can improve upon multiple attributes, but often at the cost of a higher hero level requirement. The listed "Hero Level" in the table below refers to the level needed before the common version of that item can be equipped.

Ring Primary Attribute Increase Hero Level (c)
Power Ring Attack/Magic Attack 1
Shield Ring Defense/Magic Defense 3
Feather Ring Agility 3
Sight Ring Hit Rate 8
Trick Ring Critical Hit Rate 8
Stamina Ring Healing Speed 10
Force Ring Attack/Magic Attack 13
Toughness Ring Hit Points 13
Snipe Ring Hit Rate 18
Fatal Ring Critical Hit Rate 18
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