Within the game, there is talk of end game rewards awarded to players who fit a certain criteria.

"The player who becomes Lord of the Monsters will be given a victory reward, as will the members of his or her Alliance. In addition, any Alliance that occupies 5 or more towers at the end of the game will be given an occupation reward. The number of towers the Alliance occupies will be the number of occupation rewards given, and will be distributed to the Alliance members according to rank." ~ SEGA Help

Season 2 Rewards


On June 16th, 2011, rewards were announced for Season 1:

Occupying all 7 Debris Towers:

Alliance Lord: Upgraded SR Berial
Alliance Aide: Upgraded SR Crimson Hell knight

1-3 conquest points for occupying debris towers according to the number held and your alliance rank. Everyone in an alliance that has all 7 towers gets 1 point. Conquest pack has only R and SR upgraded monsters.

1 Legend point for alliance lord and 1 more legend point for every member of the alliance, up to the number of towers owned, including sub towers. Draw from R and SR legend pack.

Person rewards: 1-100 get an upgraded monster.

Personal All monsters upgraded and R
1 Fire Giant
2 Gold Hell Knight
3 Gold Gargoyle
4-10 Minotaur Sergeant
11-20 Royal Liz
21-30 Frost Sala
31-50 Terror
51-100 Guytrash

Number Debris Towers Alliance Rank Conquest Points
1 1-50 1
2 1-71 1
3 1-90 1
4 1-10 2
11-100 1
5 1-20 2
21-120 1
6 1-30 2
31-120 1
7 1-10 3
11-40 2
Rest 1
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