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Kingdom Conquest – Guide

This guide is an attempt to improve some of our basic techniques.

Leveling and Monster Production:

Stamina greatly affects your monster’s xp amount. At 500 stamina you get 100% xp from whatever you
attack. If you pull monsters from your pool, they come in at 300 stamina, if your monsters just attacked
something while 500 stamina, now they’re at 300 stamina. If you send them out at 300 stamina they
will get roughly half the xp from when at 500. If you send them out again, they’re at even less stamina,
I believe 200. The only time I do back to back attacks is if I’m trying to kill someone, or if it’s just before
bedtime and I’m going to put them into a production till I’m awake. Below 200 stamina and your mobs
get zero xp. Your mobs will still perform at their best above 150 stamina, but won’t receive any xp.
Below 150 and you’re taking a risk of stat loss. Below 100 your mobs will NOT perform at their usual
levels and they’ll receive no xp, basically last ditch effort type things should only be executed
below 150 stamina.

Level your mobs once and let them rest for ideal xp efficiency. I’ll even put them into an hour or two
build. Don’t put mobs that you want to play with (ie xp) into long productions while you’re awake. Save
those long productions to keep them safe at night and while you’re not awake to use em, or if you’re
going into work or school. Xp before class, class is 3 hours, 3 hour production, im out of class, xp again…

When doing heavy production, do NOT put all of your units into builds. You never know when you’re
going to need to do something. If I’m producing my A-team, my B-team is not in production and
available to me, if I need to do something important. When B-team is in production, A is on hand and
ready, not miles away on a tower run or jacking around xping off a nearby land. If you’re doing a tower
run w/ A, don’t put B into production yet. (just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after

Asking for help:

Effective communication is critical. People who want to help probably aren’t going to bother looking
up where you’re at and they can’t read your mind as to where you need what etc. Provide specific
examples of what you want and where. ie, 98,6 needs reinforcements, 98,5 needs healing etc. Provide
times in military 24hr mode in JST. ie 14:13 jst! that's 01:13 EST. The forums are not the best, but throw
something out there, maybe someone who likes you will respond and if nothing else at least someone
might learn that you’re under attack. Mail is probably your best bet. Mail anyone near you. Know who is
nearby and most likely to lend support. If you lend support toothers in need, they’re more likely to help
you in the future! Quid pro quo.

Defending Yourself!:

Always have your units at minimum 100 count, if they’re not in play, have them at 100 in the pool.
(except giants of course). When you're under assault and your guys get haggard, put em in the pool and
pull in relatively fresh guys with min/max monster count from the pool. This way you don’t lose units stashing
them in the pool and you still have effective units that can possibly heal lands.

Here is what I do when I’m under attack…Grab a piece of paper and pen. If you have a computer handy
I find that multiple tabs of http://www.online-stopwatch.com/ can come in handy. I’ll set alarms for
when I need to dispatch my units to retake, etc. Write down the lands that are under attack and arrival
times of incoming. Immediately abandon any lands under attack, even if the attacks are coming in
under the hour mark. If you’re land is getting hammered and you can’t/won’t reinforce it, don’t forget
to dispatch to that land, it will heal it the siege value of your units, this can keep that piece of land alive
long enough for you to retake it once the abandon timer has finished. When retaking land, send units
to arrive with the tiniest window possible. Don’t wait for the hour to be up and then send your units.
If your units are 5 minutes travel time, send them after 55 mins have elapsed since you abandoned.
No sense giving it away. If travel times look like they’re long ways off, abandon land immediately
anyway, never know what’s going to queue up. (This was how they got adjacent to me, I hesitated in my
abandon cause attacks were far away and slow, figured I could just heal the land…WRONG)

If things are out of control and you have no chance of pulling it off? (This is never the case btw, there’s
always a chance! But if you have to leave or go do something valuable, like a funeral or your friends
bachelor party) Don’t throw your units away uselessly. Just stash them somewhere nearby. Losing your
units for no reason is dumb. If you’re beat, at least keep their numbers and resources you put into them
rather than throwing them away pointlessly. This is a long game and it’s not over if you’re subbed.

Attacking stuff:

Use your head. This is a numbers game. It has lots of them! Other day I walked 8 squares, two of them
enemy occupied, to a tower and had all the squares go off in under 30 seconds. I planned effectively. I
learned something about this when I was on the defense for 4 hours. I was able to last so long against
so many w/ minimal units because they weren’t coordinated. (they were coordinated as a team, just
not w/ timing…overwhelming someone can and does work, but can’t do alone). Had all of their attacks
come within 60 seconds of each other, that’s doom. In my plan to take an enemy, a friend told me his
main would take 2 hours twenty minutes exactly. So I figured out exactly the order and timing to have
all 15 of my units land in 2 hours and 21 minutes. This is especially good in tandem with a hammer unit.

For example, I want to conquer some guy…I will write down all of my dispatch times from all of my units
on a piece of paper. Now plot out how to send your units to have them all arrive within 30 seconds of
your main. This is really easy. Once you know the order to send your units, go to the map screen, select
the land you'd like to attack, select detail…From this screen select dispatch and note the TIME your unit
will arrive. Once you've dispatched them, it will return you to the detail screen of the selected land, now
select the next unit you would like to send. The screen you're looking at is LIVE, so the time will continue
ticking over updating as to when you'll arrive, simply wait till it says the same time as your last unit and
dispatch once it's ticked over to that time. Send x unit, wait 2.5 mins, send y unit, wait 45 seconds,
send z unit, wait 3 min 40 seconds,send MAIN! Remember to have the precede the others you've already sent!

Now I’ve set my other units to follow closely behind my hammer even if those other
units are slower! Send them first, but time it so your main arrives first. He’ll either die defending and
hammer opens way for siege, or he’ll get out of the way of initial attack and it's hard to
squeeze reinforcements back into target if the window is less than a minute.

I’m trying to build a bridge through occupied land…okay, typical enemy owned lands have 100-130 hps. I
need to do this in “one” shot. Calculate the siege you have per unit. If you don’t actually know it, you
can add up your stats from their character sheets. I have some giants around 10th level, they usually
dish out 30 siege coupled with bats as their guardians. When I want to capture that land, I’ll send 4
siege units, timed to all land within a minute and BAM! That land is now occupied by your guys. Don’t
send one unit, wait to see how he did, send another unit, etc…be proactive and send enough to kill and
capture and time it to take in “one” shot or wave. This negates their ability to heal that land, as they’ll
either have to reinforce it or lose it. (not considering that it may have already been abandoned and
retaken…) If you have to go through several lands, time them all to go off. The faster you can deliver your
punches, the more difficult it will be for your enemy to rally defenses.


This is a long game and requires patience and coordination. Communication is key, there
are many things that require the team to work together. Do not go through with a plan that requires
a team when the team isn’t responding. It’s pointless and often times, doing it half way has more dire
consequences than actually NOT doing that thing.

Stash your guys at night. Have them reinforce a local land you control. If they’re not in production stash

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