Below is a list of commonly used terms and phrases within Kingdom Conquest and it's community.

Word/Phrase Definition
Buff A temporary beneficial spell or effect placed on a player or monster. An example would be Knowledge of Power, which increases the attack of a monster for 5 turns during battle.
CGFs Stands for Computer Generated Forces. These are enemies that are controlled by the game as opposed to other actual players. See also "NPC".
CP Charge Points. These spendable points can be purchased by Sega via the in game shop. For more information, see the CP page.
Debris Tower There are seven LV7 towers (Debris towers) in each world. The winning alliance of each world is the one which can conquer all seven.
Deck Same as "pack".
Dispatch Dispatches are spendable points which allow the player to fight in a tower dungeon. These are slowly recovered once every six hours, and max out at four dispatches.
DP Daily Points. These spendable points are acquired in a variety of different ways. The player may use DP to purchase monster cards from the auction screen, or to synth skills. For more information, see the DP page.
Golden Ticket A golden ticket is awarded when a player defeats the golden knight in a dungeon. The golden knight can randomly spawn in most rooms of any dungeon besides the Nameless Tower. These golden tickets can only be used to draw from the Campaign pack, which is only available during certain promotions.
Hero The term used to refer to your playable character used in dungeons. The hero is one of three classes: Mage, Warrior, or Swordsman.
LV7 Skill When a monster's base skill is enhanced all the way to LV7, that card is now capable of teaching another monster card a new skill. This is generally referred to as it's LV7 skill, or it's LV7 synth skill. For more information, see the synthesis page.
Mob A gaming term for a computer-controlled non-playable character (NPC). In KC, the word mob generally refers to a monster card.
Monster Card Monsters are produced within a monster card. These cards are drawn from packs (also called decks). Each card, when assigned to a unit, can produce up to 9999 monsters.
NPC Stands for Non Playable Character. An example would be the Quest Master, or the Steam Emperor. The term NPC is also used to mean Non-Player Character, referring to any character that is computer controlled, as opposed to being controlled by yourself or another human player. See also CGF.
Packs A pack (also called a deck) is a set of cards from which a player draws monster and equipment cards. Each pack is associated with a dungeon. To draw from a pack, a player must use either a clear bonus, crystals, CP, or golden tickets. The available method of drawing differs from pack to pack.
Proc Proc is a common term used primarily in game programming to refer to an event (or a "procedure") triggered under particular circumstances. For example, a particular skill, say Mirage, may only occur 12% of the time. A player who says, "LV1 Mirage rarely procs", they are simply saying that it rarely occurs in battle.
PvP Stands for Player vs Player. This is where two players are playing against each other as opposed to playing against CGFs.
Quests A list of tasks given by the Questmaster which yield rewards to the player while teaching him or her the dynamics of the game.
Race Each monster falls into a specific class, or race. Races include beast, demihuman, spirit, undead, giant, demon, and machine. The machine race is non playable, and there are some monsters from the demon race which are also non playable. When multiple monster cards from the same race are placed in a unit, a race bonus is awarded to those cards.
Reign Reign points are needed when conquering new territory. They are acquired automatically as time progresses, and occasionally through the completion of quests. For more information, visit the reign page.
Skill A special ability possessed by a specific monster card. Skills can greatly effect the results of a battle. They can be learned, upgraded (enhanced), or removed via synthesis. It should be noted that a monster's default skill (Skill 1) cannot be removed.
Synth See short for Synthesize. See the Synthesis page.
Tower Tall towers are scattered throughout the land in Kingdom Conquest. These towers, when conquered, unlock new playable dungeons.
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