How do you add more units?

The Monster Training Tower gives you the ability to have more units. It can be upgraded to LV5, allowing up to 5 total units.

Why does it say one of my monster cards is unavailable?

Each card has a race, and each race can only be placed in a unit if it's corresponding research lab has been built. For example, you cannot place a demihuman monster card in a unit unless you have built a Demihuman Research Lab in that base. Research labs only work for the base they are built in.

Why am I unable to place a monster card in my rear slot?

The rear slot is unlocked when you build a Battle Research Lab. Each level opens up the rear slot in another unit.

How do I raise the cost of a unit to something greater than 4.0?

You need to add a Library. Libraries are costly. You need a Warehouse (Level 7), Hero Statue (Level 7), and a War God Shrine (Level 6) to build a Library. Each of those buildings have dependencies as well. Please refer to the Build Tree for more information.

How does the race bonus work?

Please refer to the Race Bonus section in the units page.

How do I make my units travel faster?

This can be done by increasing the speed stat for each of the monsters in your unit. The speed stat determines both which monster strikes first in battle, and how fast that monster is able to travel. If there are multiple monsters in a unit, speed of the unit will be determined by the speed of the slowest monster.

How do I cancel an attack?

In the Units screen, click on the Actions button. Here you will see a list of every action your units are currently involved in. Select the action you wish to cancel, and then click "Cancel". Note that you only have a very short time allotted for cancelling an attack, so if you do not cancel it right away, the option will become grayed out.


How do you conquer someone else's territory?

First, you need to attack the territory and defeat any monsters residing there. If your attack is successful, you will inflict damage to the territory. Damage inflicted is based on the siege points of each monster in your unit. Generally, you will have to attack the territory repeatedly until you have inflicted enough damage to conquer it. Each territory you attack has durability points. The more durability points it has, the more damage will need to be inflicted before it is conquered. A player's main fortress cannot be conquered.

What do the numbers in the reign indicator represent?

The first number represents how many territories you are still able to conquer. When a territory is taken over, this number is decreased by one. The second number is the total number of territories that you are able to have under your control. This number slowly raises over time.

How do you increase your reign points so that you can take over more territories?

Your total reign is slowly increased over time. You can increase the speed of this gain by building and upgrading Hero Statues. You also gain small increases in total reign by completing certain quests.

If you abandon a territory, do you gain that reign point back?

Yes, you do.

Can you conquer a territory that is diagonal to one of your own territories?


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