Amuadiv's Skill/Stat/Build Guide

NOTE: This guide was written by Amuadiv. Please do not modify this page without his permission.

Warning! If you choose to follow some of the recommendations in this guide, in some cases you will not have the most optimal Unit for leveling. However, you can do most things with ease while at it. This is because we want to have the best possible unit for certain situations, not at lower levels. Thus power leveling comes into play you can use level 4 towers or lv 7 lands for PL: front and rear cards. Leader cards are generally easier to power level if they are just casters as long as they have been synthed to a decent level (more on this later) you can PL them on lv 5-6 towers.

Depending on what roll you want your unit to play skill selection and position of skill plays a big roll on how successful you are. Also the main skill of a card (the first skill the card comes with) also determines what position or if you even want to use it in your unit.

Cards to stay away from in your front and rear position are card that have the potential to take a turn using a skill that could otherwise be used to attack an enemy. Usually casters do not have enough range to attack so you do not have to worry about wasting a turn and it can be beneficial to have him cast an extra buff per turn.

Basics of skill position,Card Speed and skill chains:
When you select your card you will notice to your right your skills are numbered. Skill 1-3. that is the order that your skills will be cast at start up or during combat rounds.So skill placement its crucial to getting a good chain going if you intend to have the same card buffing itself with shifts or debuffing the enemy and would like your final skill to be effected by your shift.

Skill 2 Mindshift -skill 3 assault shift.
Skill 2 will be cast before assault shift there by effectively increasing the effect that assault shift will have when cast.
Note - Shifts/tricks and most skills will be effected by Int so having decent INT when using skills is necessary.

Card Speed and skill chains:
In battle the speed of your card determines the order of who attacks in what order.
The casting order is Slow to fast so typically you want your leader to be the first to cast, so he would be the slowest.
The front position would typically be the fastest because you would want him to receive the full potential of the previous cards to chain the shifts together to effect his skills since he will be the first to attack.

Leader: 60 speed - casts first with Mind Shift, Defend trick
Rear: 61 speed - casts second with Defend Shift, Assault trick
Front: 62 speed - casts last with Assault Shift, Dark Reel

So in this example all skills get a buff from the mind shift. and dark reel gets a buff from mind shift and assault shift.

Also there are many variations of skill chains you can use to reach some pretty crazy numbers because your card will check the current stats when it casts a skill.
so if your stats have already been effected by a previous shift the current shift will use that stat to cast its next skill.

Leader: 60 speed - casts first with Mind Shift, Assault Shift
Rear: 61 speed - casts second with Mind Shift, Assault Shift
Front: 62 speed - casts last with Assault Shift, Dark Reel

The main shifts/tricks:
These are the best shifts i would recommend to anyone.I have tested quite a few combinations with great success.

Mind Shift Assault trick
Assault Shift Defend trick
Defend Shift Mirage Shift

Card availability:
When building a unit or leveling a new card i take into account stat growth, availability of that card in the auction house and the current prices of that card.
weighing the stat growth ,price- and amount available will help you in the long run. not everyone has good luck with getting dp so going for the cheap-large quantities of a card is more attractive
because you can get your skills to a good level and its generally cheaper to maintain these units .

Unit Builds:
I get allot of questions regarding my unit builds and stat allocation so i will try and break down a few of my builds and card swapping.
Also i used these cards due to the availability of them on my world. so you need to take that into consideration. these builds can be
done exactly the same on most units with good success.
Also note that i rely allot on race bonus too and each race that i use i upgrade the corresponding training center to 10.

Card swapping:
I have also leveled cards for specific situations to modify my builds.If i were to need a certain trick or shift to counter what i am up against
Its easy to use your imagination and come up with some good flexible units this way.

Dark reel build 1:
Leader: Mind Shift,Assault Shift stat allocation: High INT,High def,No Attack
Rear: Dark Reel,Typhoon stat allocation: Med INT,High def,Med Attack
Front: Dark Reel,Typhoon stat allocation: Med INT,High def,Med Attack

This build heavily rely on Dark reel and typhoon since these skills give a 2 range when they proc.dark reel should always be second because you want it to proc over having typhoon go off.

Dark reel build 2:
Leader: Mind Shift,Mirage Shift stat allocation: High INT,High def,No Attack
Rear: Mind Shift,Assault Shift stat allocation: Med INT,High def,Med Attack
Front: Assault Shift,Dark Reel stat allocation: Med INT,High def,Med Attack

This build is only recommended if you have dark reel at lv 9-10 and you are basically rolling a dice to see if you will survive 2 turns but the potential to do some devastating damage is there.

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